Menyama’s challenges double


THERE has not been a clear pathway for service delivery and developments for Aseki/Menyamya over the past three decades.
This is not only reflected by poor choices of leaders but lack of vision as well.
Back then, plans and budget for developments and service delivery were for the district administrations and its subsidiaries.
Government and private institutions provided services such as health, education and infrastructure with very little or no regard for community empowerment, particularly at the ward and local level government (LLG) levels.
The wards and LLGs needed basics services such as water supply, sanitation, housing, electrification, tourism and agriculture.
Now, the development and service delivery challenges of this century has reached a new level.
The district now faces a double burden of issues.
Our leaders, including civil servants, need to be committed to ensure that these challenges are tackled and people are accessing basic services and improving their quality of life.

Vinson Silas,
Wapi Integrated Rural Develop
ment Association Inc,