Menyamya battles to contain dysentery

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THE total number of areas in Menyamya affected by dysentery stands at 21, with the epidemic gradually spreading to the border of Morobe, Gulf and Eastern Highlands provinces.
Deputy health programme adviser for Morobe, Micah Yawing, said the ongoing outbreak of dysentery had spread from Wailala at the border of Menyamya to a nearby village in the Eastern Highlands province.
He has called on the provincial health division in Eastern Highlands to collaborate closely with Morobe to take precautionary measures to contain the situation in the two provinces.
At the moment, health officials in Menyamya are still waiting from relief and medical supplies from the provincial and national governments, Health Department and from the disaster and emergency authorities.
Only IV drips have reached the district and are being used for dehydrated patients with dysentery.
Mr Yawing said all rations, including food and water for health officers, had run out.
He said water was a major problem.
With no rain, people are resorting to digging dried creeks to collect water.
“After getting water, we are boiling and then using it for drinking and cooking,” Mr Yawing said.
Health officials are attempting to contain the disease by returning to the Menyamya station with reports and going back with medication.
Mr Yawing has commended the District Administrator Samson Arom and his administrative staff, especially for their logistical support.
He said though there had been no official support, health officials in Menyamya had been dedicated and committed in effectively helping to contain the outbreak.
The total number of confirmed deaths for July to yesterday is 97, excluding unconfirmed deaths from previous reports.