Menyamya guards armed and ready

Lae News, Normal

FEARSOME Menyamya “warriors” are taking over Lae city with the aim of restoring law and order and returning peace to the nation’s industrial city.
They have formed a security company – Menyamya Morobe Security Services – to help the Lae city council and the Morobe provincial government restore peace and good order to the city.
The company’s secretary, Grandy Simeon, said the company was formed out of concern for the state of lawlessness and anti-social behaviour by many people in the city giving the Morobean capital a bad name.
Mr Simeon said the company already had the support of Morobe Governor Luther Wenge and the Lae city police.
“We are a private security firm operating like any other security firm in Lae.
“But we have a particular aim of ensuring that Lae city is safe and that we can all live in peace,” he said.
Immediately, the guards from Menyamya will patrol three main bus stops which are prone to pick-pocketing, theft, attacks and harassment of the public mainly women and children.
The patrol will take the guards to the notorious Top Town bus stop, Eriku and the main market.
They will also patrol the Angau Memorial Hospital bus stop.
Mr Simeon said that the company had already been given contracts by a few Lae companies and were looking for more contracts.
“We are a security firm with a different aim,” he said.
“Of course, we want to make money to survive but we also want Lae to be peaceful because it is our provincial capital,” he added.
The company is looking at hiring up to 800 or more security guards.
Companies or organisations wishing to hire Menyamya guards can contact Grandy Simeon (7234 2907), Andrika Nanda (7226 9024) or Sung Sosoriong on 7173 1816.