Menyamya people, time to stand up to local MP

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 14th of March, 2014

THE front page story on the suffering of the Menyamya people due to lack of development assistance from leaders at the district (The National, March 6) prompted me to write.
The people of Kome local-level government (LLG) in Menyamya are deprived of food because they  lack basic infrastructural services, which district leaders fail to deliver.
The same is happening in other LLGs, including Namina-Kareba, as mentioned by the teacher of the Tawa Primary School.
Are there any organisations in PNG which can stand up and fight for these rural people where services are being denied despite millions of DSIP money being given to MPs by the government?
We need a good monitoring system for development  plans so that funds are disbursed as per the scope of work and timelines.
How long can the people suffer like this without roads, bridges, health centres and schools?
Public servants are ready to deliver service, but what can a person do when there are no roads and no resources like funds or vehicles  to  move  around and work?
The local MP needs to address this problem very seriously as this is his second term in parliament.
The Task Force Sweep team or a monitoring team needs to monitor development projects and verify that the DSIP funds are put to good use to benefit the people.
There is hardly any government system set up to monitor funds and corrupt activities are happening, which is the reason for the  suffering in Menyamya.
Finally, the Menyamya people should blame themselves for returning their MP who has performed poorly.
We cannot blame outsider because we had our share of developments.
The people need to come out and question the MP  or  ask him to resign and conduct a fresh election for a new MP.

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