Menyamya suspends counting

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The National, Thursday July 19th, 2012

THE Menyamya electorate has eliminated 13 of the 30 candidates contesting the seat before counting was suspended yesterday.
It resumes today.
After the 13th elimination, MP Benjamin Phillip was leading with 5,111 votes ahead of his nearest rival Enoch Ulack who scored 4,392 votes.
Next was Andrew Noyao with 3,789 votes, Julius Ikoliso on 3,752 and Jim Ged Moya with 3,313 votes.
Scrutineers and supporters caused a delay over the weekend after they protested against the alleged use of a 2007 common roll.
Quality checks were conducted for Finschhafen on Monday which enabled counting officials to begin eliminations for the electorate after all the checks on ballot papers were conducted.
According to an official, they were advised by the Electoral Commission to resume all due processes unless the aggrieved parties had presented the counting team with their petition attached with legal documents to suspend the counting.
After elimination 17 in Finschhafen, People’s Party candidate Theo Zure­nuoc was leading with 7,377 votes followed by Arigenaw Menggenang with 3,011. 
Rainbo Paito was next with 2,849 votes, followed by former police officer Giossi Labi on 2,234 votes and Keith Ronga with 2,076.
Attempts to reach the Kabwum’s returning officer Harry Napelon for updates on the counting in the electorate were unsuccessful.