Merger proposal questioned


IT seems the recent proposition to merge Link PNG and PNG Air has not gone down well with the National Airline Employees Association and other employee associations.
A merged airline brought about through damaging cash flow usually only means one thing: job losses.
Perhaps this is Pixie’s chance to slash union jobs and salaries to ensure better cost controls for the future as is clearly evident in the international new as British Airway, Cathay Pacific, Emirate and recently Lufthansa announce severe job cuts and slashes to payroll in desperate efforts to remain afloat.
Why would any sane management announce such and then state that all jobs are secured?
Seriously how lame is our management?
They can’t even explain to us how duplicate staffing will ensure a stronger airline market.
Just how dumb does the 4th floor think we really are?
First you’re caught nibbling our entitlements now this – seriously.

PX Insider

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