Messages on health, violence against women spread throughout villages


MESSAGES of healthy living and a life free of violence and abuse were brought to women, men and children of the five council wards of Kinjipi tribe, Dei district, Western Highlands, on Sunday.
The members of the women’s ministry from the Kudjip Nazarene Emmanuel Church in the Nazarene Health Ministries disseminated very important information on family planning methods, safe motherhood practices, HIV/AIDS, child abuse and domestic violence to the people.
Most of the women who gave talks were nurses at Kudjip Nazarene General Hospital who headed sections, lecturers and tutors from the Nazarene College of Nursing, pastors’ wives and wives of staff.
The people were told of ways to protect themselves from diseases, abuses and where to seek help and protection when they become victims. Women and children living in remote villages lack information on awareness about domestic violence like physical, sexual and emotional abuse and suffer it silently.