Met Supt says citizens can arrest offenders

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National Capital District Met Supt Perou N`dranou says every citizen has the power to make ‘citizen arrest’ to any offenders.
“It is by law under the Arrest Act that every citizen of this country is mandated and given the power to arrest offenders and it is not only the police,” N`dranou said.
“If you are being disturbed by drunkards and it is early in the morning hours, you can do citizen arrest and call the police on this toll free number, 1800100”.
N’dranou said throughout the country, one or two people were involved in criminal activities so community leaders and the public must take ownership and make use of the toll free number.
He urged the NCD community to work with the police to fight crime in the city. N’dranou said fighting crime in the city was not the policemen and women’s business but everybody`s business.
He urged everyone to make use of the toll free number to call and report all crimes.
He said it would make it easy for the public to report to the police what was happening in their respective areas.

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