Migration alarm


I agreed with a comment raised by National Doctors’ Association president Dr James Naipao in a letter titled ‘Mad rush for the city looms’ last week.
The question is if the NCD governor is prepared for this mad rush from the Highlands regions once this Southern Highlands-to-Gulf Highway is completed.
The same goes to the governors of Gulf and Central, including the Kairuku Hiri MP.
The indigenous landowners will be affected.
People need to be made aware of this very likely influx of people into the city of Port Moresby and this should be done now rather than later.
We need to know both the good and the bad side. This is a wake-up call to all the indigenous people of Southern Region.
Let us start singing our song Eda tano aita goada laia, ita babi isi.

J. Aisa
Kairuku natuna