Mill not beneficial, leader says

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The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 ABAU MP Sir Puka Temu is urging people to supply timber to a mill not beneficial to them, a landowner says. 

Malaga Lagau, a landowner and chief of Bam village, said the agreement signed between Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forest Ltd and the landowners was no good. 

“The agreement is deceitful and unbeneficial and I decided not to give my timber to the company unless a new agreement is made,” Lagau said. 

With the aid of David Rakilea and the Communal Land Development Ltd, they are fighting for a new agreement to be signed before their timber is released. 

“We want a new agreement to be signed under the customary land law, as land is governed by customary law and the project to be developed is under customary land law as well,” Rakilea said. 

But Sir Puka’s office said he had no powers but was using his influence for the benefit of landowners. 

James Robert, a landowner and personal assistant to Sir Puka, said the agreement was signed between the landowners and CBSFL.