Millions of kina wasted on paper projects

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday January 30th, 2014

 I WAS in East Sepik during Christmas. 

After reading from the papers and watching EMTV news, I was looking forward to visiting the sites for various impact projects. 

The projects that came into my mind  were the Marienberg Community College, Sepik sago project at Angoram district, resettlement of Murik Lakes people and prawn  project  at  Wom  village   just to name a few. 

With interest and excitement, I first went to Angoram to see the progress of most of the above mentioned projects. 

A few hours by boat downstream from Angoram is the proposed site of the sago project at Imbando village. 

To  my astonishment I saw nothing on the ground. 

The  village  people  told  me  that the project money was squandered by the management of the project. 

The next day, I went further downstream  to  Marienberg  to  see the  proposed  community college. 

The  people  showed  me  a  building that contained some office material that was purchased some years back. 

When I asked about the millions of kina funding for the project, they said they did not know about it.  

With utter disappointment, I returned to Wewak. 

I  wanted  to  know  how  so  much money  allocated  for  these  projects  had  gone  missing and there is no one to be held accountable. 

I began to understand that the projects were managed by the same people who have connections with a certain politician in the province.  

What really baffles me is thatdespite these thefts, the Sepik  people  continue   to  be  silent  as though  everything is fine.


Bruce Efna, Via email