Milne Bay govt urged to fund jetty at East Cape


Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel is urging the Milne Bay Provincial Government to assist the Alotau district in funding a jetty at the East Cape.
Abel stressed that East Cape was an important transit point for people from all the districts in the province and not only for people from Alotau.
He also questioned the provincial government on a K70 million funding allocation from the National Government in the past five years.
Abel called on people to take ownership of development projects taking place in the district and province.
“Alotau district has funded the school, health centre, market, provided solar lighting system that we put in place here (East Cape), the dinghies, the chainsaws, the roofing iron, those are things the district is doing, pulling up power lines, setting up community health centre at Bubuleta and at Gurney,” he said.
“We’re going to be building a district health centre at Rabaraba.
“I put back to Milne Bay Provincial administration, the jetty is your work.
“I am doing everything and I cannot carry everything.
“These last five years, I want to know what happened at East Cape from the provincial government.
“National Government gave you K70 million. Cannot you just put something at East Cape?
“This point (East Cape) is not only for Alotau district, people from Normanby, Samarai-Murua and Ferguson come in here.
“This is an important transit point, come and put in some investments.
“Government will not achieving anything unless it is initiating projects that are touching the lives of ordinary people down at town and village levels.
“Milne Bay administration, we must get our act together and not take too long for such development to come to our people.”

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