Mine aids health post


RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) and a China medical team visits Ganglau health post in Rai Coast, Madang, and donated medicine.
Nursing officer-in-charge Martin Uma said donation of medicine boxes was a very generous gesture and supportive to the Government-run facility.
Uma and his colleague, Muni Simu, also acknowledged the charity clinic being conducted at the facility. He thanked MCC for facilitating the trip for the China medical team to Ganglau health post.
The China medical team travelled by road to Ganglau, situated 3km from Ramu NiCo’s Basamuk processing plant in Rai Coast district, Madang.
Uma, his wife and a colleague, Muni Simu serve as nursing officers at Ganglau health post, which serves over 3000 people from both coastal and hinterland areas who go for medical treatment.
Ganglau health post was maintained with new facilities being built, including the clinical area and two health workers’ houses, through funding from the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) in 2013.
The project came about due to existence of developer MCC, whose processing plant is situated adjacent at Basamuk. These include drugs and equipment to four government-run health facilities with its project impact areas.

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