Mine helps fix badly damaged road


RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd deployed large mining trucks on Tuesday to transport rocks and gravel from Kurumbukari mine site to help backfill a severely-damaged section of the Ramu Highway near Iguruwe.
The company said in a statement that the Yai Creek section of the highway was badly damaged by flooding and landslips last month.
It also used its excavators and operators to backfill a ditch.
Works Department in Madang had engaged a contractor to repair the road by placing iron culverts to allow the water to flow.
However, continuous heavy rain again washed away the road, leaving only a narrow part for light vehicles to pass through.
Since last weekend, container trucks stopped using the highway after Menia Bridge a narrow section of the road at Yai Creek were damaged.
Earlier this week, Ramu NiCo officials visited Yai Creek and decided that gravel and rocks from the mine be tused to shore up the damaged area.