Mine puts safety messages on billboards


RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd has put up billboards with safety messages to encourage employees to take responsibility for their health and safety.
The billboards have pictures of various Kurumbukari mine sites with safety messages.
According to the health, safety and environment department, the company valued occupational health and safety of all its employees, contractors, general public and its stakeholders.
This is a priority and forms an integral part of management of its operations at both Kurumbukari mine site and Basamuk processing plant.
Ramu NiCo also aims to achieve a high standard of occupational health, safety and environment management.
This must be compliant with all relevant Papua New Guinea legislation and regulations to ensure the company’s responsibilities under law are observed.
The miner plays a leading role within its operations in promoting health, safety and environment management systems in line with Australia and New Zealand standards to minimise related injuries and/or fatalities and observes the annual mines safety week which is sanctioned by the Mineral Resources Authority’s chief inspector of mines secretariat.

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