Miner completes deep sea survey

National, Normal

The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013

 THE second phase of the marine survey required under the Operational Environment Management Plan of the Ramu NiCo project has been completed.

It was conducted at Basamuk along Astrolabe Bay from Oct 23 to yesterday by environment consultants from overseas and Ramu NiCo’s health, safety and environment management department.

A company statement said it was the first marine survey required by the Government after the project’s first year of operation. It is to determine if and whether there are impacts on marine lives from the deep sea tailing placement disposal method currently used. 

“There are three different phases to ensure comprehensive findings,” the statement said.

“The first phase was conducted in March this year covering shallow marine and fishing components including marine fauna, fringing fauna and upper ocean measurement. 

“The second phase covered deep ocean sampling investigations, marine fauna (deep sea), deep ocean biota, and marine water quality, marine sediments characterisations, sub-surface plume survey, upper ocean measurements and DSTP pipe ROV survey. 

“The third and final phase of the survey to be conducted at the end of November includes acoustic seabed classification survey.”