Miner helps prepare students for jobs

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The National, Wednesday 5th June 2013

 SEVEN final-year university students have completed a five-month industrial training programme with the Morobe Mining Joint Venture which has helped prepare them to enter the workforce.

The students from the communication for development course at the PNG University of Technology (Unitech) and the University of Vudal were attached with the exploration community affairs, Hidden Valley’s community affairs department under its social programmes and community and regional development health, education and primary industry teams, respectively.

Osolele Menggenang, Bill Wasda, Naki Taiva, Giegere Hedziga, Moses Barigo and Lawrence Ko’ou, and Vudal University student, Manape Yawip learnt many new things during the training.

Wasda said the training came with many challenges but the trainees were able to overcome them with the support of the teams they were attached with.

“We learnt many new things from our training. For that we thank MMJV very much,” Wasda said.

Ko’ou, who was attached with the CRD Health team said: “One of my best experiences has been to work with the community. 

“It student, it was a really good experience and MMJV has given me this opportunity to go out there and put to practise what I’ve learnt at Unitech.” 

MMJVs CRD education coordinator, Thelma Elizah pointing out an improvement in the students’ work ethics adding that they have grown professionally.

“We are equally proud to have been part of their achievement and hope that what they’ve learnt here at MMJV would go a long way towards building them up professionally in their future employment and to also apply some of the skills they’ve learnt to finish off their studies,” she said.

General manager sustainability and external relations David Wissink thanked the students for their contributions to MMJV during their time with us and wished them well with their studies and career.

MMJV’s industrial training programme was started five years ago. It has trained engineering, geology, accounting and journalism students from the major universities, colleges and technical institutions throughout the country.