Miner helps renovate school buildings under scheme

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The National, Monday February 3rd, 2014

 THE 2014 academy year for Porgera High School in Enga is looking bright after it received refurbished dormitories valued at K500,000 late last year.

The Barrick (Niugini) Ltd-managed national government’s Tax Credit Scheme (TCS) saw the renovation of the two dormitories and  the engaging of a local contractor to carry out the renovation work under Barrick’s local procurement policy.

This year’s Year 10 students will live and study in the dormitories.

On Nov 12 last year, Barrick community relations (CR) and engagement manager Timothy Andambo handed the certificate of completion and keys of the dormitories to Porgera district administrator Mori Iarume.

Andambo advised some students who gathered to ensure they looked after the facilities.

“Projects like these do not come easy so we’d like to ask you to look after these projects because these projects will look after you,” Andambo said.

Iarume thanked Barrick and the contractor for the assistance as he had seen the deteriorating state of the dormitories.

“I can tell you these dormitories were totally rundown, not fit for students to live in. But now we can all witness brand new dormitories. Please look after it as if you are living in your own house. It will benefit you and all those students who will be coming into Porgera High School in future,” he said.

Iarume then handed the keys and the certificate to the headmaster, Tipian Tanda.

Tanda thanked the national government and Barrick.

“Thank you very much for making the funds available to renovate these totally run-down two dormitories here.

Without your initiative, without your effort I think we should not be using these facilities but then once again you have made it possible and now we have a very brand new two dormitories here,” he said.

Local contractor Paiam Development Company manager Robert Alembo was grateful for the contract work.

“Firstly, I would like to thank everyone and the PJV management team for the opportunity you have given to locals to participate. This local procurement policy, which is actually being developed, and it’s taking time to implement and we are seeing a lot of locals being considered. As a local Porgeran, I am really happy in the way how this policy is going,” he said.