Mining community gets flu vaccine

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PEOPLE from Rai Coast in Madang will be vaccinated with H1N1, or popularly known as swine influenza vaccine, and other free medical checks this week by a combined medical team from both the government and Ramu NiCo management.
The team of two medical doctors from Ramu NiCo, Dr Yang Yan and Dr Meng Ming with Ramu NiCo nursing officers Paul Konare and Cyril Tapasi.
Community health workers from the government included Kenny Komoyong, Fritz Aboko and Sasa Giuit, all based at Illeg station in Rai Coast district.
The team has started the vaccination and general medical check on Sept 12 at Bogazim Primary School outside Madang. Surrounding villages including Lalok, Bom, Erima and Uiya attended.
The team conducted medical examination on a record 106 patient, from simple illness to complicated illness including pelvic inflammatory diseases, knee problems, bronchitis, pneumonia, anaemia and body stiffness. 
Yang said complicated illness could not be treated and patients were advised to seek medication from established hospitals.
Another 477 people, the youngest six months to the oldest, a 70-year-old, queued up to get H1N1 flu vaccine. The exercise will continue until Saturday.
According to World Health Organisation, H1N1 influenza is likely to resurrect and attach people during the post-pandemic period when the virus adopts to seasonal behaviours.
WHO, therefore, urged other countries, including PNG, to respond and maintain its vaccination exercise during the post-pandemic period.
H1N1 is a subtype of influenza A virus and was the common cause of human influenza last year.