Mining may pollute the Sepik

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 28, 2010

THE people of the Sepik River continue to struggle and the daily difficulties faced by them go unnoticed by national leaders and their MPs.
They rely almost 100% on the Sepik River.
Their lifestyle revolves around the river system.
As a result of mining activities, the Fly River is polluted beyond repair.
Do we want to see this repeated again on the Sepik River?
The Fly River is the benchmark.
How much of the wealth from the copper and gold mined at Mt Fubilan has improved the lifestyle of the people who once depended on the precious Fly River ecosystem?
Such question will be one of the pillars for EIS for Frieda.
The river tribes will want to know exactly how much their livelihood will be impacted.
The Sepik River ecosystem has to date been undisturbed and is pristine.
The fact is as long as there is mining in Frieda, Sepik River will suffer.

River tears