Mining will be careful

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The National, Thursday July 19th, 2012

I HAVE no interest in Nautilus Minerals.
However, I must say that the fear campaign which is being carried out by some has to be countered by some rational comments.
 It is not the first seabed mining in the world – that was in the 1960 when manganese nodules were brought up from Japan.
Mining in the Bismarck will be a dredging operation, similar to, but much more carefully done compared to Lae, Rabaul, etc.
In those places the en­vironmental impact is more because it is in the photic zone, where most life is.
 In shallow areas, any sediment caused by the dredging will affect the reefs.
Do we want our young geologists to be leading ex­perts in a growing field?

P. Lankton
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