Minister admits some councillors missed out on allowances


INTER-GOVERNMENT Relations Minister Pila Niningi has admitted that some councillors in the country have missed out on their allowances.
“Yes, we have not paid some of these councillors for the past few months,” he said.
“But we will make up for it and pay those who have missed out when funds become available.
“We have the record of councillors who have not been paid.
“To address this funds shortage in the long run, we are making a submission to the National Executive Council (NEC) to approve so that the councillors will be on the payroll, even if they get K200 per fortnight and that is for the long-term planning for our councilors.
“Those councillors planning to contest the coming local level government elections will have to resign prior to contesting.
“I believe that the LLG presidents will remain in office till we (MPS) come back after the 2022 elections.
“Presidents will occupy the office and when we come back, they can go for the LLG elections, probably in 2024.”