Minister affirms lime supply

National, Normal

The National, Friday October 18th, 2013


VICE-Minister for Mining Wera Mori says the supply of lime and cement for industrial purposes will be restored once the Chimbu limestone project swings into full operation.

“Lime and cement are on high demand by industries, metallurgical plants, mines and construction firms,” he said.

“Once the project in Chimbu is up and running, the supplies will (increase to) meet the demand.”

Mori told three executives of the China Mechanical Engineering Corporation (CMEC) and government officers in Kundiawa last Wednesday.

He said the mining sector only concentrated on mining gold and copper.

Mori, a landowner of the mine site in Elimbari, Chuave district, said Papua New Guinea must produce its own lime and must invest in the province because it had a resource that was in high demand.

He advised fellow landowners to support the project.

He said the district would assist landowners establish a company to be called Elimbari Investments. It will be owned by the three local level governments.

“I will make sure resources available are used to help develop the area and the people benefit,” he said.

CMEC has contracts and investments around the world.