Minister calls for probe into Waiang, Konga’s deaths

William Onglo

POLICE Minister William Onglo wants investigations into major cases including two murder-related ones to be completed.
The two include the killing of former Defence Minister Peter Waieng and the murder of Border Development Authority chairman Fred Konga. The two cases were said to have been reopened by police in 2019 but yet to be completed.
“We have the drug (cocaine) bust in Port Moresby, high profile cases (fraud), burning of the Air Niugini plane in Mendi, burning of police barracks, armed robberies and killing of the lawyer in Alotau, the killing of Jeffery Bull Korowa, late Peter Waieng and late Fred Konga plus the mass killings in Hela,” he said.
It is understood that the investigations into the Waieng and Konga cases needed funding.
Onglo said investigations should be completed as soon as possible.

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