Minister calls on landowner company to partner DDA

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

Youth, Religion and Community Development Minister Delilah Gore is calling on the Yema Gaipa Landowner Company in Northern to partner with the Sohe District Development Authority (DDA) to deliver services.
She said executives of the landowner company needed to bring their plans to the DDA and say how they could work in partnership to bring much-needed services to the people immediately.
“That’s the focus DDA has which is how they (landowner company) can intervene to reach the people,” Gore said.
“If they are serious about bringing development to Tamata LLG, they must work with the DDA.
“Going to the media is not the place to discuss issues that are affecting our people.
“The new executives must sit down with DDA and discuss.
“Media should be happy to report how we are working together and how we can bring development together so our people can read the good news,” she said.
Landowners spokesman Lionel Kobara said according to a Sohe DDA resolution dated Feb 29, about K135,000 was allegedly spent on DDA administration support and a further K120,000 on scoping for projects.
He further claimed that none of the projects were directly supporting the communities that were affected.
“We would like to see some tangible benefits of the log export levy. We are calling on the authorities to explain the break-up of the funds allocated because the log levy funds are the result of logging projects in our area,” Kobara said.
Gore explained that as per the National Forest Authority (NFA) guidelines, the DDA budgeted K200,000 for Ioma Health Centre, K25,000 for a dinghy, K80,000 for works on Ioma airstrip, K90,000 for the Mangure Aid Post orderly’s house, K90,000 for Sia Aid Post, K90,000 for Korisata Aid Post, K50,000 for community law and order peace negotiation process, K135,000 administration support and K120,000 for scoping.
“A database has been created and we are definitely going to draw down from the budget and we will report back to NFA on how we have spent the money,” Gore said.
She said the landowner company’s support was vital to the DDA.