Minister failed obligation


WHAT appeared in yesterday’s The National from Rainbo Paita that the government is having cash flow issues as a result of the Cocid-19 pandemic is contradictory to the Government’s handling of cash.
Does Paita know what he is talking about when he said the country is having cash flow issues?
Of course being the Finance Minister he is correct.
But look, your government has invested K600 million into fighting the Covid-19.
The Government has further given the Commission of Inquiry K28 million for the UBS inquiry.
So being the Finance and Rural Development Minister, you would have been the first point of contact with Prime Minister James Marape advising him of the cash flow issues thus with-holding K600 million and K28 million for Covid-19 and COI respectively.
Now you are crying foul saying the country is facing cash flow issues thus resulting in MPs not being paid.
Paita stated that the Government was hit hard by the slump in revenue collection.
Very true, but the matter of fact is why spend K600 million on the Covid-19 and K28 million on a COI?
Is COI important at this time of the year?
Part of the K600 million for the Covid-19 has been reportedly misused.
We wonder whether every toea spent will be made accountable for transparency’s sake.
Take Back PNG has a lot more to that.

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