Minister: Follow procedures


GOVERNMENT departmental heads who have been implicated in criminal or leadership breaches should be given the opportunity to provide their side of the story, Public Service Minister Soroi Eoe says.
Eoe said there were procedures in such cases.
“We have to follow procedures, just because somebody is making accusations, allegations need to be proven,” he told The National.
“If the matter is brought to our attention, we write to the minister concerned to ask the secretary being implicated to give his side of the story which takes seven to 14 working days, depending.
“After he has responded then the information is submitted to Department of Personnel Management (DPM) then forwarded to Public Service Commission (PSC) which looks at it and decides on what cause of action to take.
“The important thing is that the secretary implicated needs to explain his side of the story.
“To have them arrested as a criminal offense is really uncalled for, procedures were not exhausted. Secretaries like any public servant have made their way up the ranks to be where they are.”
Eoe said he had written to Education Minister Joseph Yopyyopy to write to Secretary Uke Kombra to provide his side of the story.
“Based on his information, then Minister Yopyyopy can make a decision and recommendations can be made to PSC through DPM and we can then decide what course of action to take.
“For me it’s a bit harsh, the person’s reputation being destroyed whether he was right or wrong. He was not given the benefit of doubt so justice is not served.”
Eoe said that matter should be internally done and if the public service recommended there was criminality involved, then it’s up to Government to decide. “We take the matter up in close consultation with cabinet on the course of action, if he needs to be suspended and investigated.”
Meanwhile Eoe said Health secretary Pascoe Kase’s term would expire on Jan 19, 2020, and Health and HI/AIDs Minister Jelta Wong had already made his recommendations.
“It’s the same thing, whether the public is crying out loud because of Public Accounts Committee investigations.”


  • PSM Eoe is correct is saying there are procedures to follow when a Dept Secretary is implicated in criminal or leadership breaches and the Secretary’s story must give his/her side of the story but the first course of action taken must be to suspend him or her before the process continues. How can they still hold onto a position of trust and continue to operate in their department..we have seen and will continue to see tampering of evidence and interference with key witnesses. Get real Mr Minister!

  • Yes procedures should be followed for everyone no matter what your position. If there are criminal allegations against you then it is up to the police to find evidence and then arrest you. You will have your day in court to prove your innocence. I am so tired of people running to the courts to stop the police from investigating them or arresting them. If you were truly innocent you would not be afraid to cooperate with the police.

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