Minister gives task to commission


THE PNG Accident Investigation has consistently demonstrated high levels of professionalism in conducting independent, no-blame investigations and safety studies in PNG and the Pacific, Minister for Civil Aviation Lekwa Gure says.
Gure announced that in recognition of the need for the PNG Accident Investigation Commission to fully exercise its international obligations, he delegated his powers under Section 8 (1) (b) of the Civil Aviation Act to the PNG Accident Investigation Commission.
Gure said Section 8 of the Act specified several principal functions of the minister.
He said Section 8 (1) (b) required the minister to ensure Papua New Guinea’s obligation under international civil aviation agreements were implemented.
“As a statutory State to the convention on international civil aviation, PNG must implement the standards and recommended practices of the annexes to the convention,” Gure said in a statement.
“Annex 13 lays out the standards and recommended practices for accident and incident investigation and includes the obligation to conduct inquiries and make safety recommendation resulting from information and evidence from diverse sources, including safety studies.
“On June 6, the PNG AIC received global recognition and was admitted into membership of the prestigious international transportation safety association (ITSA) as its 17th member state.
“I congratulate the commission and the dedicated team of safety professionals at the AIC on this achievement and international recognition.
“My announcement today highlights the need for the AIC to be empowered to fully implement PNG’s international obligation under annex 13 and as appropriate annex 19 to the convention.”