Minister grilled over guns seizure

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INTERNAL Security Minister Sani Rambi said the high-powered firearms confiscated recently by Customs at Jackson International Airport in Port Moresby are some samples of firearms ordered by police.
He said the guns brought in were signed by the Police Commissioner.
Mr Rambi said police were looking to replace its aging firearms and had gone ahead to order 100 samples, some of which were confiscated at the airport.
He also informed Parliament that he had requested for an investigation into the import, the procedures involved, transporting and confiscation of higher power firearms last month.
Mr Rambi was responding to questions from Kundiawa-Gembogl MP Joe Mek Teine who said an investigation must be conducted to ascertain who the owner of those deadly weapons were, and the manner in which they were brought in.
“Will he tell Parliament if an investigation has been sanctioned? If so, will the findings be made known to the public? If not, why?
“Will he also tell Parliament if the Commissioner of Police approved the type of weapons brought in when he approved and signed import documents?
“In view of the seriousness of the types of weapons, especially military type semi-automatic weapons imported by a supposedly civil dealer, will he investigate and report?” Mr Teine asked.