Minister hailed for audit announcement


THANK you Minister for Finance and Rural Development Rainbo Paita for your intention to audit development funds in 2020.
This audit of the District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) and Provincial Services Improvement Programme (PSIP) funds is long over-due.
People in the district(s), who are supposed to benefit from these funds, are not seeing any changes.
Some districts and provinces may have experienced some form of developments taking place, perhaps real tangible outcomes.
Otherwise, the majority of the districts are still wondering and waiting in vain to really experience the direct impact of the DSIP and PSIP funding.
The Local Level Government Services Improvement Programme (LLGSIP) funding is even worse and non-existence.
All acquittals submitted to the Department of Implementation Rural Development needs to be accurately cross-checked with the projects on the ground to justify expenditure.
Otherwise, the reality is far from near and only the Good Lord knows the reality and truthfulness of the acquittals submitted.
The findings from the audit will decide subsequent action.
This is the way forward to Take Back PNG.

Homoka Amanini 47,