Minister launches federation logo, enhances sports

Normal, Sports

The National, Wednesday 8th May 2013

 MINISTER for Sports and 2015 Pacific Games Justin Tkatchenko officially launched the new PNG Sports Foundation logo last Friday.

The logo represents major sports, which basically promote the new-look that will take sports in this county to the next level. 

Tkatchenko said the launching of the logo was a great occasion.

The logo will promote the enhancement of sports beyond the 2015 Pacific Games.

The PNG Sports Foundation promotes and looks after sport to take it to next level. 

He said in addition, the foundation ensured facilities were maintained and looked after.

“Most of the facilities will come under the PNG Sports Foundation, especially at Bisini Parade and many other sports throughout the country,” Tkatchenko said. 

“Many of this sports infrastructure were stolen or acquired by some undesirable people for their own interest and not for the country. 

“The PNG Sports Foundation must own sporting facilities for the good of all sportsmen and women. Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the National Executive Council have empowered the PNGSF to acquire most of the land from sporting groups in the national interest.

“There has been much uncertainty because of no land for sporting facilities. Now with the new directives, all the sporting grounds will be administered by PNG Sports Foundation in terms of upgrading of facilities and grounds.

“The ministry of sports has initiated the sports enhancement programme. 

“This programme will go right down to the district level, and it will assist competition at grassroots level.” 

Tkathencko said the roll-out for funding would be made next month.