Minister pledges K300,000 for fest, police in Madang

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 21st August, 2012

NEW police minister and member for Madang open Nixon Duban has pledged K300,000 for independence celebrations and the police force in the province.
During the handover ceremony between Duban and his predecessor, Buka Goli Malai, he committed K200,000 to the police force in front of provincial police commander Anthony Wagambie Jr last Thursday at Bates Oval in town.Wagambie said the money would be used where needed and urged the public to “become friends of the police”.“We cannot fight law and order problems here unless there is cooperation from everyone involved,” he said. “Please, I ask that you all help us bring lawlessness to a manageable state as it is getting out of hand.”
Duban committed K100,000 to the delight of a cheering crowd, to host the Madang Festival, which was last held in 2009.
Duban thanked outgoing member Goli Malai for his achievements and with Governor Jim Kas pledged to:
l    Work closely with the police force in lowering law and order problems;
l    Engage youth in projects under the town beautification program­me;
l    Ensure that all feeder roads are interconnected;
l    Acquire exporting licences for local farmers in the district;
l    Bring rural electrification to the three local level governments in the district;
l    Review all agreements in the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project;
l    Kalibobo and Tusbab beach upgrading;
l    Review the public service machinery; and
l    Inject more money into local level governments.