Minister queries project fees

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The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 Minister for Education Nick Kuman is questioning the Education Department why parents are being charged project fees when everything is paid for by the government. 

Kuman raised the question in a media conference yesterday, saying he was not satisfied with how the component of the tuition fee free was used in school. 

He reminded departmental heads who were there that education was the government’s priority and it had invested a lot of money in it. 

He said he wanted to know how those components were divided, how they were used and why parents had to pay project fees.  

“I want you to look at the free education component that goes to the elementary, primary, high and secondary schools. Which of these are the administrative component, which are for up-keeping of the school and which ones are used for boarding schools and what are the other components used for such as project fees paid by parents.”

Kuman asked departmental heads if the government came up with a kina for kina payment scheme would they take it on board.

Education Secretary Michael Tapo said: “It is one policy we have to study further to find evidence. For now kina for kina has to be well complemented because the level of it is not sufficient.”