Minister: Situation back to normal

The National,Thursday June 9th, 2016

POLICE Minister Robert Atiyafa has assured tresidents and businesses in Port Moresby that things have returned to normal.
“I can assure the people of Port Moresby that the situation has calmed. People are going about their normal business,” he said.
He warned opportunists burning buildings, smashing cars and assaulting students who do not want to protest, that they would be arrested.
“We are receiving reports of university buildings and some houses being set on fire,” Atiyafa said.
Atiyafa also condemned the irresponsible coverage of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation which was telling the world that students had been killed.
“The ABC prides itself of being the only an international news organisation with a permanent presence in PNG and today they have disgraced themselves,” he said.
“Other international news organisations rely on the ABC for factual information.
“But we see the headline on the ABC claiming four students have been killed and seven injured – which is a total nonsense.
“This false information was reported on global agencies such as CNN, Reuters, The Sydney Morning Herald, the Guardian and many others.”