Minister tells company to build police homes

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STATE Enterprises Minister William Duma has urged PNG DataCo Ltd to build new homes for police officers residing at Kila Barracks outside Port Moresby.
Most of the homes are dilapidated and had not been maintained for more than 30 years.
Duma yesterday attended the opening of the new police band hall at Kila Barracks funded by DataCo.
Duma said he had noticed the poor conditions of the police quarters some time ago.
“When I saw the facilities, as someone who had immediate relatives working in the police force, and someone who grew up in a police barracks, I must admit, I felt embarrassed,” he said.
He then told DataCo chief executive officer Paul Komboi to fix all the homes there.
“I have also reminded him that he must allocate a little bit more money so that we can repair the remaining houses here.
“These are important members of our society that we must make sure that when they go out and play for us, they will be happy as well.
“So, hopefully in the near future, you will see some more improvements in Kila Barracks.”

One thought on “Minister tells company to build police homes

  • Isn’t this the responsibility of the Police Department to identify and budget for such renovation.
    Maybe the State Minister can make a tour of all Provinicial Police Barracks in the country and designate various SOE to fund their renovations. That will be fair to our men and women in blue out there.

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