Minister wants harsher penalties


By Rebecca Kuku
PENALTIES administered to perpetrators of violence must be made harsher so that the issue can be addressed, according to the Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development Soroi Eoe.
He supported the decision by National Capital District Commission Governor Powes Parkop on Monday to call for a proper investigation and autopsy on the death of local journalist Rosalyn Albaniel Evara. It is alleged that she was a victim of violence.
Eoe agreed that a proper investigation must be conducted by police into her death and a post-mortem conducted to confirm the cause of death.
“The ongoing violence against women must be stopped. Yes, we may still be a long way from achieving it but we must start somewhere,” he said.
EOE said he would discuss with law enforcement agencies and non-government organisations how they can stop violence against women.
“Penalties administered to perpetrators of violence must be toughened so that we can address the issue,” he said.
Rosalyn Albaniel Evara, 41, was the business editor for the Post Courier until her death on October 15.
She was taken to the Port Moresby General Hospital after she collapsed.
She had been complaining of headaches the previous day.
However, on Monday during her funeral service, her aunt Mary Albaniel showed to the crowed images of her body with injury marks on it. She told the congregation that her niece had been a victim of violence.
Parkop and police managed to obtain a court order to stop her burial yesterday so that a post-mortem could be conducted.