Ministerial fraternal backs plans by Toni

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 22nd August 2012

CHAIRMAN of the Mt Hagen Ministerial Fraternal Daniel Wek has applauded Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development Loujaya Toni’s intention to work with all churches in her electorate.
Lae MP Toni wanted all the churches in her 16 wards in the capital of Morobe to present a united front in their battle to reduce and, perhaps, eradicate poverty and, to some extent, crime.
Pr Wek felt Toni was the right person for the job as she had sought programmes from all churches with the intention of uniting them for the purpose of helping those in need.
He said the national government’s Vision 2050 should involve churches so that together, the vision could be implemented.
“Regardless of denominations, churches and the government should work together,” Wek said.
He said the government should fund the churches so they could look at issues such as child beggars.
Wek said PNG should not have beggars because it was rich in resources, including land.
He said churches could function better in their charity work under a person like Toni as she stressed issues that mattered.
He said churches could play a bigger role and urged Toni to involve every church in the country.
He said the Mt Hagen Ministerial Fraternal welcomed Toni’s ideas.