Ministers’ junket to WA a waste of money

Letters, Normal

THE recent trip to Western Australia by Government ministers as reported in The National (Sept 30) is a waste of taxpayers’ money.
The country is in a dire need for basic services.
The rural people are suffering due to a lack of basic services like health and education facilities.
The money could have been used to build a classroom or an aid post or a water supply system.
Time and time again the Government continues to do things that only serve their needs and wants while neglecting the poor people who need much needed services.
The Government says the country’s economy is booming.
If that is the case, why is the unemployment rate so high?
We see our children and youths hanging around aimlessly in our cities, towns and villages.
The rural masses cannot afford to pay for their children’s school fees and many of our schools and roads are falling to pieces.
When is our Government going to look after the people?


Anona Iyampon