Ministers, line agencies blamed for LNG hiccups

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

THE Southern Highlanders landowners have the right to reap what benefits that comes out of their land, the government as the regulator must act as a mediator between the developer and the landowners.
The agreements for benefit sharing must be drawn after proper consultation with the landowners. All funding for the landowners must be managed by an independent fund managers without the government to exert must of its influence.
The government must identify impacts projects including roads, hospitals, schools, water and sanitation, hydroelectricity, economic and social infrastructures that will contribute to improving the living standards of the people living within the project impacts areas and the neighboring communities.
Further, other provinces must be considered with tangible developments as they are indirectly contributing to the development of the project.
The Petroleum and Energy secretary does not seem to play a role in the whole process when he is supposed to be advising the state, landowners and the developers of a prudent and amicable approach to achieve the project.
Randell Rimua is completed left out of the equation, after the signing of the UBSA/LBBSA and the consequent final investment decision. Our sweet talking ministers and politicians have all gone silent and retracted into their cocoons and washed their hands off the project.
You started it, you must finish it. You made the commitments at your various gatherings, you honour your commitments. Don’t pass the buck.
In the recent crisis at Hides 4, I was surprised that the lead players sent in their ground boys to clean up their mess.
We have the Public Finance Management Act, apply the established processes and procedures for accountability and deliver/honour the commitments. The Finance Department must settle the landowners and deliver the MOA/BDG projects.


Sly Komnaik
Southern Highlands