Ministers urged to talk to Komo people

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THE people of Komo have called on key Government ministers involved in the PNG LNG project to visit them and gauge their views.
Komo local level government (LLG) president Thomas Potape said yesterday that the people of Komo and Hela in Southern Highlands were behind the LNG project.
But he wants key Government leaders including Petroleum and Energy Minister William Duma, Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch, National Planning Minister Paul Tiensten, Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru, MP Francis Potape and Education Minister and Tari-Pori MP James Marape to spend at least two days on the ground to talk with the people.
He urged the ministers and MPs to reassure the people before the licence-based development forum.
Mr Potape said the main locations that the MPs needed to visit were Kutubu, Angore, Hides PDL 1 and Hides PRL 12 and Komo town.
“This is a huge project and I don’t want any problems as we move into the development forum,” Mr Potape said.
Komo has a total population of 27,000, with 24 LLG areas.
Mr Potape said 16 council wards were under PDL and PRL areas and eight council wards were outside.
“The State and the developer must take this on board as the eight council wards will miss out on benefits and plans must be put in place so that they do not miss out.
“Sapos mi kilim pik bai eight pela council bai mi lusim?” (If I kill the pig, will I not share it with the eight council areas?)
“If they are left out will they just be bystanders looking in? No, there may be some discontent within the area.”
Mr Potape said currently there were law and order problems in Komo, with ongoing tribal fights.