Ministry donates books


Two schools in rural areas in the Rigo District in Central have received free reading books from donations made by a church ministry on Sunday.
Toule Primary School and Inuma Elementary School received the books from the Pamili Ministry of the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) church.
The ministry reached out to the schools in the rural areas in Central as part of its outreach programme to assist children and families in need.
The ministry also donated clothes, food and conducted free medical checks for Alepa villagers on the same day.
Head teacher of Inuma Elementary School, Sibbie Davabbie, thanked the ministry for its donation of books and book shelf.
Davabbie said the school has no reading books and bookshelves and was in “desperate” need for those materials.
He said the school also has no teachers.
He said he was the only one heading the school and teaching three classes at the same time.
The deputy headmaster for Toule Primary School, Avi Kivali, thanked the ministry for seeing the need for the students to have reading books that would be used to develop their literacy skills.
Davabbie said the school needed more learning materials such as text books and library books, including new facilities like classrooms, teachers’ houses and dormitories.
Representatives from the ministry, Stella Sumaien and Melkie Anton, said the donations of the reading books were part of the ministry’s project in Central to encourage literacy at an early stage.

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