Ministry plans to build K500 million auditorium


THE Grace and Faith Ministrys of PNG Inc has announced plans to build a K500 million auditorium at Bautama, outside of Port Moresby.
Pastor Wilson Sagati made the announcement last Sunday in Port Moresby during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Grace and Faith Ministries in the country
“We are in the city to have a positive impact and to transform the lives of people through the message of grace and faith,” Sagati said.
“We look for a quality life and to establish God’s kingdom on earth and spread its Gospel.”
Sagati and Gei Raga, another founding father of Grace and Faith ministry, told The National that funding for the auditorium would come from the congregation and they have already started phase one of the project in 2015.
Raga said youths from the ministry have designed the multi-million kina project which will have six buildings comprising a main hub, an administrative center, a kingdom children’s place, youth auditorium, the main worship center and outdoor facilities.
Sagati encouraged the church not to be passive but to demonstrate the love and life of Christ in their daily living.
“Government is saying let’s be partners but the church is being so passive, we must establish the kingdom of God here,” he said.
Other pioneers reflected on the challenges during the 10 years the GFM was in ministry and thanked and praised the Lord for bringing the ministry this far and stressed that it was important to “walk in love” when preaching the love of Jesus.
The ministry would continue to preach the Gospel.

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