Ministry wants Bible taken on tour


A Christian ministry wants the 400-year-old King James of the Bible taken on a tour around districts.
Healing, Deliverance and Restoration in Christ Jesus Ministry said the government should take the Bible to all provinces and let it stay in each district for three weeks.
The ministry was formed by mainly University of PNG students during the second semester in 2013. It has been involved in prayers with schools since 2008. The ministry is currently engaged with the Evangelical Lutheran Mumeng district in its restoration programme.
The ministry believes that the Bible was brought to the country for all Papua New Guineans and it should not lie idle in parliament. The ministry’s head, Lynn Adam, thanked former Speaker Theo Zurenuoc for bringing the Bible to the country.
“We salute Theo. It’s not a waste. It has a reason. The reason is to revive and restore the country,” Adam said. “It must get to provinces so people can see and have special preaching.
“God’s word is not rooted in peoples’ lives. The country lacks spiritual defence and connection with God.”

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