Minj happy to host NA meet

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A COMMUNITY leader from Minj, Western Highlands province, has welcomed the proposed National Alliance party convention in Minj.
The ruling that NA planned to hold a national convention in Minj from Aug 11 to 15 when Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare is expected to announce a new leader which would lead the party into the 2012 national general election.
Pinge Palme, the chief of the Gnenega tribe, one of the five major tribes living within the vicinity of Minj town, South Waghi, said it was a bonus for the people of Minj and Jiwaka to host the high-profile convention for the party that delivered the soon-to-be Jiwaka and Hela provinces.
Mr Palme, who claimed to represent more than 15,000 people from the seven local level government councils, told The National in Minj on Saturday: “It is going to be a great honour for the people of Minj and the rest of the province to host the convention.
“I am delighted Sir Michael, his senior ministers and Jiwaka’s very own son, Simon Kaiwi, have recognised Minj as a venue for the national convention.
“The decision to hold the convention here signifies the ruling party’s recognition of the development prospect of Minj and Jiwaka.”
Mr Palme said in a token of appreciation, the five tribes within the town’s vicinity, would prepare to host the convention.
He urged the Gnenega, Kondika, Konubuka, Kukika and Berepaka tribes to come to Minj and clear up the bushes and beautify it in preparation for the big event.
“Not only these tribes, the public servants, school children, church groups and surrounding communities must be involved in the clean-up and preparation,” he said.
Mr Palme also urged youths from the tribes to refrain from their illicit activities and do something meaningful to sustain their themselves.