Minonga’s try a reason to scream


What a win. I screamed all throughout the evening after the final and winning try by Willie Minonga.
To the players, coaching staff, technical team, media, sponsors and supporters, congratulation for this great achievement. Yes, as the NCD governor rightly put it in his independence message, the time is now.
If the SP Hunters can do it, the people of Papua New Guinea can do it. The general election was marred by malpractices which made PNG a laughing stock on the international stage.
The win by the Hunters has opened a new chapter for PNG, and now it is time for politicians and bureaucrats to deliver for the eight million people of this country.
Let’s forget tribalism and regionalism and be united for PNG. Let’s change our political and economic landscape forever.
Congratulations PNG SP Hunters for the win.
Your performance has again united the country.

Biri Ekopia

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