Minor in rape incident recovering

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The National, Monday 27th May 2013


A 10-YEAR-old school girl is recovering at the Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae after she was assaulted and raped by a man in Kaindi, Bulolo, Morobe, last Wednesday.

The victim was walking home after school when the suspect followed her and dragged her into nearby bushes, stripped her clothes off, and penetrated her.

This is the latest incident in a spate of rapes, murders and assaults committed against women and girls in Lae city and the outer districts of Morobe.

Two weeks ago women around the country including Morobe staged a haus krai (house of mourning) to protest all forms of abuse and violence against their members.

Parliament has before it proposals to change the law to make aggravated rape punishable with the death penalty.

Police said the 20-year-old man followed the girl to the Hidden Valley Mine access road and dragged her about 200m in the bushes and raped her.

The girl was later found by villagers and employees of the mine after the suspect fled.

Reserve First Const Hosea Berawo of Wau police said they cornered the Aseki man at Avia village where he was residing between 6pm and 7pm and arrested him.

“He is now at the Bulolo Police Station cells but we have not charged him yet,” the constable said.

Sister Jenny Wesley, a nursing officer at the Gynecology Ward at the hospital confirmed that the victim was admitted at the ward last Thursday.

“Her condition is stable but she was traumatised by the incident,” the nurse said.

Wesley said doctors were keeping a close eye on her to ensure she fully recovered. 

Deputy Morobe Governor Morokoi Gaiwata expressed disgust over the incident and condemned the attack and rape on the girl.

“He (suspect) has gone beyond animal behaviour,” Gaiwata said.

“The capital punishment should be given to him. He should not be given bail and should not be allowed to roam our streets,” Gaiwata said.

“Enough is enough. People like him are tarnishing the names of Morobeans.”

Gaiwata had urged the parents of girls to keep a close eye on their daughters and constantly check on their whereabouts.

“Don’t trust your male family members such as uncles, brothers or bubus, as they are the ones doing these things,” he said.

He said women and girls must dress modestly.