Minor offender guilty

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A WEST New Britain man has been found guilty of sexual penetration of a minor by the National Court in Kimbe.
Steven Makai, 30, of Vovosi village, Hoskins, committed the offence between December 2004, and July 2006.
The court heard that Makai sexually penetrated the nine-year-old victim, who was related by marriage, on three occasions over that period.
Makai had pleaded not guilty to the charge.
However, the victim, who appeared in court as State witness, testified that Makai had abused her and sexually penetrated her on three separate occasions.
She also told the court on how Makai used to take her and his own children swimming or playing near the river but would then take her to nearby bushes far from his children and abuse her.
She told the court that Makai was arrested and charged when she reported the incident to her step mother and another relative.
Makai denied this, saying that his wife’s relatives had ongoing problems with him over outstanding bride price payment prior to the alleged offence and had made up the story.
But the court found that medical evidences proved beyond reasonable doubt that Makai was guilty.
Justice David Cannings, who presided over the case, reserved sentencing to a later date.