Minors caught with homebrew

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KUNDIAWA police caught two students making homebrew outside the town.
They caught a Grade 6 and an elementary school student red-handed at Red River while on foot patrol in the surrounding villages.
The two students were told to carry their gas cylinder, copper pipes, eight bottles of home brew produced and a bucket containing all sort of fruits used to produce homebrew onto the road before a police vehicle arrived and took them to the police station.
Chimbu police commander Supt Joseph Tondop, who was at the scene, was shocked to find out that students attending primary and elementary schools now on holiday were involved in producing homebrew.
He said people living near Kundiawa produced homebrew and sold them at Yuwai market which has caused social disorder at the market.
Tondop said the police would interview the two students and get the names of other people in their area also producing homebrew before they would be charged accordingly.
He said despite many awareness and warnings issues by Governor Fr John Garia, health authorities and police about the danger of drinking homebrew yet people were still brewing and consuming the liquor.
Tondop said already many people faced all sorts of health problems after drinking strong liquor.
He said police would not give up their fight against homebrew and marijuana in the province.
He said that police would target places like Yuwai market to crack down on people producing homebrew and cultivating marijuana.
He appealed to the law-abiding citizens to provide information which could lead to the arrest of people who cultivate the drugs and brew the liquor.
Tondop said homebrew and marijuana-related problems were social issues where a  collective effort from every one was needed to address it.
He added that they would not continue to let people take the highly toxic substances and spoil their lives.
They needed to work together now and save the people’s lives and at the same time minimise law and order problems.