Miracle baby Josephine beating all odds


By Aileen Kwaragu
SEVEN-year-old Josephine Rabu has the Down syndrome, a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in an extra full or partial copy of chromosome 21. This extra genetic material causes the developmental changes and physical features of the syndrome.
It results in a facial distinct appearance, intellectual disability and development delays.
Every parents want to raise their children in a healthy environment and in a way to involve the child in all aspects of character and physical development. Josephine is taking it one step at a time.

Josephine and mum Theresa.
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She was diagnosed with it when she was born at the Port Moresby General Hospital in March, 2013.
Her parents are from Manumanu and Kalo in Central. She is the youngest of four siblings.
Dad Tom Rabu and mum Theresa, who both work for the government, describe their daughter as an over-hyper and a smart little girl.
“We are aware of the disadvantages in her development stage but Josephine is different. She is always cheerful and hyper.”
When Josephine was three weeks old, she had difficulty in passing waste from her body. Mum Theresa described the challenge they faced as tough.
“Josephine cried every time she wanted to pass waste. Her dad and siblings cried with her. But I never cried because I wanted to be strong for my baby. I wanted to feel her pain. It wasn’t enough though.”
Josephine still experiences that difficulty today.
Josephine was also born with a heart defect, something common in Down syndrome patients.
“She had difficulty breathing at times. I always thought something was stuck in her throat that is making it difficult for her to breath.”

“ Josephine is a miracle baby and we thank God every single day for her.”

While growing up, Josephine goes for checks every two weeks at the pediatric center at Port Moresby General Hospital growing up. Today, the checks are once every four months.
Mum Theresa is always ready when it comes to her checkups.
“Almost every time I take her to the hospital, the only thing I am told to do is to keep her away from dirty places and to always keep her clean and healthy at all times.”
Her heart condition vanished when she turned three.
Like others with the Down syndrome, Josephine has a measure of intelligence in the low range and speech difficulty. But her mum says she has really improved this year after putting her in school.
Josephine is currently attending the Tutu Early Learning Centre at Taurama Beach. She has a classmate who also has Down syndrome.
Josephine is on a medication which could improve her psychomotor development. Her doctors advised that she will have to take the treatment for the rest of her life.
On Josephine’s development, her parents describes it as the opposite of what doctors had advised.
“We thought we were going to go through a lot but no, Josephine is the total opposite. We came across people who told us that Josephine’s life span is no less than five years but we never lost hope.”
Her parents and siblings regard her as like any other little girl.
Dad Tom is confident his baby girl will overcome all the odds.
“Josephine is a miracle baby and we thank God every single day for her.”

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  • We can say our thoughts but God has His own. So leave everything to him. I have one in my family but brought up in a rural village, never got a medication or a formal education but we always pray and thank God for who she is. her name is Domithilda, 9 years old now and started pronouncing word by word. She’s hyper like Josephine, play, climb, run and sings songs in her own lyrics. We all love her and always keeps around with her because she will do thing we don’t expect. What matters is our love and care for her all the time. Thank God for the wonderfull life.

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