Mirisim admits misconduct

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AN MP has admitted to a Leadership Tribunal looking into allegations of misconduct in office against him that he had declared false and misleading information in annual statements he submitted 10 years ago.
Telefomin MP Solan Mirisim, currently the Defence Minister, said he had given incorrect dates of birth for his spouse and children.
Mirisim said that between Nov 5, 2012 and Nov 12, 2013, he failed to carry out obligations imposed under the organic law on the duties and responsibilities of leadership.
But he denied 21 other allegations before the tribunal chaired by Justice Les Gavara-Nanu.
The allegations against Misirim include:
l FIVE allegations of failure to declare payments received in the annual statements, and failure to declare to the Ombudsman Commission receipts of money through his personal account in 2014/2015 and 2015/2016;

  • ONE allegation of failure to submit annual statements of 2013/2014;
  •  SEVEN allegations of use of official position for personal benefit and the benefit of the Motop Business Group (MBG);
  •  AN allegation of failure to declare interest in the MBG;
  •  AN allegation of failure to lodge corporate income tax for MBG;
  •  AN allegation of failure to lodge salary and wages tax for MBG;
  •  AN allegation of failure to lodge goods and services tax for MBG;
  •  AN allegation of the use of personal bank accounts to conduct business transactions;
  •  TWO allegations of failure to declare personal payments received by his spouse; and,
  •  AN allegation of interference in the selection and appointment process of the secretary for the Department of Defence.

Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin called as his first witness Chief Ombudsman Richard Pagen who confirmed an affidavit and the two volumes of statement of reasons he had submitted.
Justice Gavara-Nanu said there were about 67 exhibits in the statement of reasons which needed confirmation by Pagen before could be admitted as evidence.


  • These kind of practice is no doubt prevalent. All our parliamentarians are obviously benefiting through such evil practices at the expense of the genuine hardworking employees of both Public and the Private sectors.
    He deserved to be put behind bars.
    Now is the time to Take Back PNG and declare PNG a Christian Country.

  • Such people deserve to be prosecuted, politicians and public servants are the top criminals ever we can think of who misuse millions and millions of kina.

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